The sudoku player allows you to enter numbers in the grid in three ways.

Entering numbers and pencil marks

There are three ways by which you can enter values and pencil marks into the cells:

Using the keyboard

The keyboard, along with the big selector are the default interfaces that are enabled when you use the player for the first time.

The big selector

The big selector appears when you left-click with your mouse on the currently active cell, regardless whether you are in pencil mark mode or normal mode.

The big number selector

The big selector closes when you enter a new number (not a pencil mark) or if you hover out of it for more than 1 second or if you click on the close button identified by a small x at the top right corner of the panel.

The small selector

The small selector is the fastest way to interact with the sudoku grid if you prefer to maximise the use of the mouse over the keyboard. The keyboard cannot be used with the small selector.

The small selector is enabled through the options panel.

Once enabled it appears automatically as you hover over the cells in the grid.

The small number selector

To hide the small selector temporarily, and take a better view of the puzzle, move the cursor outside of the grid.