You can save your progress to continue playing later.

Saving puzzles

You can save the progress you have made with one puzzle, work on a new puzzle and later continue to play the first one from where you left off. The following information is saved locally in your computer:

The cell colors will not be saved.

To save the puzzle you are currently working on press the "Save puzzle" button (the second from the left) at the top of the player.

The save puzzle panel

Saving a new puzzle

On the 'Save puzzle' panel that pops up you need to assign the puzzle a name. The name may contain only letters or numbers (uppercase or lowercase). No other characters are allowed.

You cannot save a puzzle without assigning a name to it.

Once you have entered the name, press the "Save" button to save the puzzle to your computer.

You can save up to 5 puzzles on your computer. However further limitations apply depending on the browser you are using and the settings of the flash player application that is installed on your computer (see below for more information).

Replacing an existing puzzle

Once all 5 slots available have been used, you have the option to replace a previously saved puzzle with the current one. To do this make sure the "Replace" check box is checked and select from the drop-down list the name of the puzzle you intend to replace. You have the option to leave the name field blank to keep the old name or enter a new name. Once you have selected the entry to replace, press "Save".

You don't need to have exhausted your available slots to replace saved puzzles.


The puzzle information is saved by the Adobe flash player into a local file known as 'local shared object'. This file may be deleted during new web browser installations or upgrades. The save feature is experimental and may not always work.

Furthermore, your Adobe flash player settings may prevent the player from saving files to your local computer or have file size limitations that prevent the player from saving all the puzzle data.

If the available space is not sufficient to save the game, Adobe flash player may display a dialog asking for permission to increase the space. Answering yes should allow the player to complete the save operation.

If you have more than one instance of the sudoku online player open at the same time, they will overwrite each other's saved data.