Find out all the features of the 7Sudoku online player.

Online Sudoku Player User Guide's online sudoku player is a flash application designed to make solving sudoku puzzles online easier. Great effort was put in making the user interface as intuitive as possible. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the application by following the instructions in this user guide. If you prefer to dive right into the puzzles you may also be interested in the Solving an easy puzzle online tutorial.

The online sudoku player on this website is not a sudoku solver: you are the solver, the application simply automates some of the more boring and time-consuming processes required to solve the harder puzzles, such as pencil marks, highlighting etc.

The user interface

The following picture shows all the controls that are available while playing. Some may or may not be available depending on the configuration that you choose from the options panel:

Sudoku player main screen

Starting from the top-left of the image: