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On the first day of every month, publishes a puzzle pack containing a selection of 30 puzzles of all difficulty levels: 6 rated very easy, 6 easy, 6 intermediate, 6 difficult and 6 very difficult.

The monthly packs are available for download for one month. After one month they are replaced by the one for the following month.

We also publish, at regular times, special packs with more puzzles. For example, the Christmas Holiday special is published sometime in December and is taken offline on the 6th of January.

Viewing or printing the puzzle packs requires the use of Acrobat reader or an equivalent program that can process PDF files. You may download the free Acrobat reader here.

To download and print the puzzles, click on one of the links on the left. Depending on your browser configuration the document will open inside your browser window, in a new PDF reader window or your browser will ask you to select a download location. Follow the instructions for your browser or PDF reader to print the document.

Printing the puzzle packs in draft quality will probably produce an acceptable result without causing an unnecessary waste of printer ink.