7Sudoku.com offers new online sudoku puzzles of varying difficulty every day.

About 7Sudoku.com

7Sudoku.com is a website dedicated to providing free sudoku puzzles online.

All puzzles may be played online using the interactive sudoku player or downloaded as pdf files for printing if you prefer to solve them in the traditional way, using pencil and eraser.

Each day, on the main page you will find a new sudoku of random difficulty: the sudoku puzzle of the day. The solution of the sudoku of the day is published on the following day.

On the first day of every month we also publish a downloadable and printable 30 sudoku puzzles pack in PDF format. The puzzle pack is available for download until the following month, when the new monthly pack is published. At regular times, during the year, a bonus season special is published and is available to download for a few days.

You can find all the currently available downloadable sudoku puzzle packs, as well as the pdf files for the latest 7 daily puzzles in the print puzzles page.

Puzzles are rated for difficulty in levels from 1 to 5 where level  1 represents the easiest puzzles and level 5 the most difficult. Icons are often used to describe puzzles' ratings as follows:

Icon Level Difficulty Long description
difficulty 1 1 Very easy Puzzles that can be solved using very simple techniques.
difficulty 2 2 Easy Puzzles that can be solved using very simple techniques that may not be as apparent as in level 1 puzzles.
difficulty 3 3 Medium Moderate difficulty puzzles that may require the use of slightly more advanced techniques, such as naked pairs or naked triples.
difficulty 4 4 Difficult Difficult puzzles may require a moderate use of advanced techniques. The use of pencil marks may be necessary for puzzles rated at level 4.
difficulty 5 5 Very difficult These puzzles require the use of advanced techniques.

All sudokus published on this website have only one solution that can be found by logic. 7Sudoku.com does not publish puzzles that require the use of trial and error.